FS Wheels-Royalty Locking

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Color: Clear
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FS Wheels-Royalty Locking available in multiple colors

FS-Wheels represent a breakthrough in seating technology and comfort. Just like a building, a chair is only as good as its foundation; and like a person, core stability is the key to health. The wheels on your chair are the foundation that creates core stability and leads to healthy, smooth, ergonomic movement. Featuring 100% rubberized blade wheels and a free ball-bearing core, FS-Wheels are quieter and smoother. They work better on hardwood and pile carpet alike, and they are more gentle on tile, hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and almost any surface. Ball-bearing swivels spin easily, preventing scuffing and scratching. And they look great! Simply put, for a small investment you can upgrade your chair's performance and enhance your seating experience.

Blade Style Polyurethane Casters

Perfect for any surface, FS-Wheels are firm but gentle and work on hardwood, thick and thin carpet, polished concrete, delicate slate and tile, and almost any surface imaginable.

Dual Bearing Design

FS-Wheels were designed with both a ball bearing setup under the stem as well as a single bearing holding the wheel on a traditional axle design. Moving around in your office chair is smooth and effortless.

Standard Stem Dimensions

While it isn't required to have an X-Chair to use FS-Wheels, we recommend them for an optimal X-Chair experience. And, because they are built with an industry-standard 7/8" mounting stem, the FS-Wheels can be used on most any office chair.

Premium Materials

Like X-Chair, FS-Wheels were manufactured using premium materials that allow for lasting performance. Expect quiet movement thanks to high heat forged polyurethane, ball bearings, and metal support frames.


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