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Seat Size (More information available on the Specifications tab): Small/Petite Seat: #6
Mechanism (More information available on the Specifications tab): A-mechanism
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The Midcelli body-fitting back and seat contours remain the hallmark of BodyBilt’s patented, ergonomic design. Its lean design and proprietary elastomeric mesh back are uniquely designed for airflow and individualized lumbar support, which gives you the right amount of support in both the lower and upper back regions. Work comfortably all day in a healthier posture and with freedom of movement.

Perfect for Healthcare. Laboratory, Office, and Homefields.

 ***Bodybilt chairs are manufactured and assembled once the order is placed. Their high-quality parts take 4 weeks to manufacture and assemble with precision. 

Chair Specs File
Warranty Information PDF

Fabric and Color: Grade 1 - Staccato Black

Mesh That Has No Match
The elastomeric mesh offers greater support via a tighter suspension in the lower back while relaxing the tension in the upper back area to accommodate the shoulders.

Brilliant Adjustment Mechanism
The new mechanism features a gear ratio that allows the chair to achieve an ideal seated posture between the seat and back, maintaining core support, even while reclining.

The Seat We Obsessed Over
The minimal and moderate contoured BodyBilt seats provide more surface area for contact with the buttocks and upper thighs. This distributes pressure more evenly and reduces the likelihood of eventual pain or discomfort. 

Dynamic Tensioning for Optimal Support
The lower back requires more firm support, while the shoulders do not. Traditional mesh chairs offer a uniform tension in the mesh across the entire back of their chairs.

Comfortable Breathable
Elastomeric Mesh Back Multi-directional elastomeric flocked mesh alternates support providing maximum comfort.

Adjustable Arms
Ultra Arms provide additional stability and adjust in four different directions.

Mid Back Design
The sleek design allows freedom of motion. As you recline or reach, the frame doesn’t impede or hit the worker’s arm or shoulder

Revolutionary Lumbar Support
Never before in a chair, the Midcelli’s Air Cell Technology lumbar support allows for both compression and support of the lower back. It perfectly balances airflow and a glove-like fit to ensure premium ergonomic comfort.

Base and Casters
Heavy Duty Cylinder (YHD)

Mechanism Options

  • The A-mechanism is an advanced synchronized mechanism with a forward pivot and side-accessible quick-adjust tension. 
  • The J-mechanism pivots from a point near the center of the mech and features four adjustments: seat angle, seat height, backrest angle, and seat depth. 

Five Star Heavy Duty Base - 24/7 Chairs (B15)

Y1 Standard Low17"-High 20.5"

Seat Options:
Small/Petite: #6
Standard Contouring: #7
Standard Flat: #8


Improper Maintenance as outlined in the BodyBilt Owner’s Manual or alterations of any kind to the product will void this warranty completely.

  • No warranties extend beyond the face of this warranty.
  • This warranty is valid to the original purchaser only for as long as the purchaser owns and uses this product. Subsequent purchasers are not covered by this warranty.
  • ErgoGenesis will not be responsible for damage due to services, maintenance, modifications, or tampering by anyone other than an ErgoGenesis representative or approved dealer.
  • The Standard Warranty is based upon single 8-hour shift use only.
  • This warranty is void if the customer modifies the product if attachments are made to
  • the product, or if the product is not installed or used by ErgoGenesis installation and guidelines.
  • ErgoGenesis will repair or replace, at its option, to the original purchaser only, any defects in products, parts, or components
  • resultant from normal single-shift use as listed and described below (labor is not necessarily included).
  • ErgoGenesis will not elect replacement unless repair is not commercially practical.
  • Normal wear or abuse of products, parts, fabrics, and components are not covered.
  • Warranty does not cover or provide for Color-fastness or matching of colors, grains, or textures of the chair
  • material/fabric; modifications or attachments to the product not approved by ErgoGenesis; products not
  • installed, used, or maintained by product instructions and warnings; products used for rental
  • purposes; damage caused by the carrier in transit as handled under separate terms; periodic lubrication of
  • the chair mechanism.
  • Most items can be replaced in the field, either by the customer, dealer or by a trained ErgoGenesis representative. In some
  • instances, however, the entire chair will need to be shipped back to the factory and the work will be performed at the factory.
  • In-field service work may incur a $75 hourly charge.
  • For Warranty issues, please call 800-364-5299 Option 1 or email Customer-Service@BodyBilt.com.
  • Please include the serial number of your chair or have it in hand when you call. The Customer Service representative will be able
  • to order replacement parts and/or issue a Return Authorization (RA) number for items to be shipped back to the factory. No return
  • items will be accepted for warranty work without an RA number issued through Customer Service.
  • ErgoGenesis’s obligation under this warranty for Intensive Use 24|7 Seating is limited to replacing or repairing any product or part that it determines to be defective. This warranty shall apply to the original purchaser only, is non-transferable, and is not
  • applicable outside the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This warranty is based on normal installation and use of the product
  • in a 24-hour environment.
  • This warranty does not apply to:
  • Damage in shipment caused by a carrier
  • Any defects due to improper installation
  • Products that have been subjected to improper use
  • Products that have been subjected to improper conditions
  • Modifications to the product
  • Normal wear and tear
  • COM or third-party materials applied to the products
  • Any product that has been modified, altered, tampered with, or repaired by any person other than an authorized representative of ErgoGenesis
  • Chairs manufactured before September 1, 2013 (Chairs manufactured before September 1, 2013, are covered under a separate warranty.)


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